Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let's Go Shopping

I have some stock left over if you are interested.
I also have some swifts on order and will update when they arrive, but in the meant time keep shopping!

These prices do not include postage.

If you are interested in purchasing please send me an email (trydyeing at or contact me on Ravelry (seeApenny)

Blocking wires -
$20 a kit
The wires are 1m long
include 12 medium wires + 4 fine wires (the medium wires are slightly flexible but hold a good strong line, the fine wires will be better for curving)
[I have several kits left that have 12 medium + 2 fine + 2 very fine (there's very little difference but the very fine wires do bend a lot more if you are doing curved lace)]
The kits are stainless steel so won't rust and come in a sturdy cardboard tube that travels well through the post.

$7 for 100 pins
Also rustproof these pins come in a handy little container.

Wondering how the wires work?
Here's an example. I used 7 of the medium wires and about 75 pins to pin out this scarf - I did use a lot of pins to space holes where I wanted them.

Crochet Hooks
$15 for 12 hooks 2.5 to 10.0mm
These aluminium hooks are very comfortable to use and a great price for 12 hooks.

Try Dyeing Kits

Primary Coloured Kit - includes red, yellow and blue dye + gloves, spoon and instructions
Two Coloured Kit - includes two complimentary colours + gloves, spoon and instructions

This kit includes a choice of either the Primary Colour or Two Colour Kit + 100gms of yarn for $10. (Colour + yarn choices currently available listed below)

Choose 1 skein of yarn + one set of dye for $10
(Please note that to make the 100gm skein yarn may contain joins, extra yardage has been added to compensate)
100gms 8ply pure wool (12 skeins left)
100gms 8ply pure wool crepe (8 skeins left)
100gms 5ply pure wool crepe (1 skein left)
100gms 4ply pure wool (6 skeins left)

Primary Colour Kit - red/yellow/blue
Two Colour Kit - Bright Green + Purple
Deep Red + Bright Red
Light Pink + Pink
Bright Blue + Bright Green
Bright Blue + Purple
Light Pink + Light Blue
Cherry Red + Light Pink
Deep Red + Orange Red
Deep Red + Purple
Orange + Orange Red
Green + Bright Yellow
Bright Blue + Bright Red
Green + Purple
Bright Purple + Dark Green
Light Blue + Light Purple
Light Pink + Light Purple
Bright Green + Green
Pink + Dark Blue
Pink + Light Purple
Purple + Bright Green
Orange + Bright Red
Cherry Red + Bright Blue
Pink + Orange
Dark Green + Dark Blue
(Want a colour combo that's not here? Just ask!)

Where your two, or three, colours touch or blend on your yarn a new colour or shade is made. You can create new colours by mixing your dyes in liquid stage.
Instructions are also here.

Would you like to try to dye some fibre? A kit including dye + 100gms 22micron merino is $12 (4 kits left)

Gourmet Yarn
100% Silk yarn - fingering weight
Priced by weight, amounts available listed below.
Want to dye your yarn? Add a dye kit for an extra $2.

96g/384m $15 (1 skein left)
111g/440m $17.50 (3 skeins left)
113g/456m $18 (5 skeins left)
121g/484m $19 (1 skein left)

50% silk/50%wool - Fingering weight
Priced by weight, amounts available listed below.
Want to dye your yarn? Add a dye kit for an extra $2.

99gms/390m $14.50 (1 skein left)
108gms/432m $16 (1 skein left)
110gms/440m $16.50 (4 skeins left)
115gms/460m $17 (4 skeins left)
119gms/475m $17.50 (2 skeins left)
120gms/480m $18 (7 skeins left)

40% bamboo/40% wool/20% nylon - Superwash Sock Yarn
approx 100gms/350m
$10 a skein
Want to dye your yarn? Add a dye kit for an extra $2.

(2 skeins left)

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