Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show 2010

We had a great time at Bendigo this year.
We were down in the Sharing Space shed.
Hello to everyone who stopped by, to old friends and new.
This rainbow of colours are the samples for the Try Dyeing kits, so you can get an idea of what colours will work well together for you.

The kit comes with your choice of a Primary Colour Kit (includes 3 primary colours) or 2 Colour Kit (2 complimentary colours) and a 100gm skein of yarn to dye plus gloves, a teaspoon and instructions. You'll need a few more things to give it a go - like glad wrap and somewhere to steam your creation, but the basics are covered.
And all that lovely white yarn - for Bendigo I had 2ply (in bulk rather than skeined), 3ply, 4ply, 4ply sock yarn, 5ply and 8ply.
I also had some more 'gourmet' yarns - Silk, Silk/Wool, Bamboo/Wool/Nylon, Wool/Nylon for those people that are looking for something more fancy to dye on.
Crochet hooks - great value 12 in a set! Washable Niddy Noddies.
See that yarn swift - they sold out pretty quickly, I have some more on order.

And for the pretties! TeriGlassBeads. I was lucky to be able to take some of Teri's work with me and it was very popular. Great prices too.

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